V3000S "Einheitsfahrerhaus" and Acrylic Paint Set - Wehrmacht Trucks

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October 15, 2023
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Kit 35409 and Paint 3038 ($12.99)
Company: ICM - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: ICM - Website: Visit Site

ICM has provided this V3000S German Truck from World War Two. It had a payload of 3t tons and was assembled in the Ford Plant in Cologne from 1941 to 1945. This version “Einheitsfahrerhaus” was produced from 1943 with a cab made from Pressed wood to simplify production and reduce cost due to material shortages. It was used in every German WWII theater of war.

  • Four x Light grey Sprue
  • One x Clear Sprue
  • Smal decal sheet
  • Instructions

The detail quality is excellent, although there is a lot of flash, seam lines and pin marks to remove and improve.

I decided to paint the assemblies as I was building the kit, the paints are good, but you do need to experiment with the thinning mix and thinner you use. I would recommend Water or if you have it the Hataka thinner as these were best with the ICM paints.

Assembly stages 1 to 27 are the main Chassis and engine etc. The only issues to be aware of are as follows.

Stage 09 the part A27 has a small hole for location missing so you need to drill it.

Stage 11 be careful on the assemble its not clear, I looked at the following stage picture to ensure I did it correctly.

Stage 16 and 17 have options for the radiator you use. I choose the b version.

Stage 19 be careful of the parts A29 as the attachment holes on mine needed to be enlarged.

Stage 27 Here again the instructions are not very clear for the installation of the Exhaust system. I dry assembled it a few times and had to adjust the length of the parts A69 and A68.

Assembly of Stages 28 to 46 is the truck Cab. This was very easy and no issues except the installation of part H5 which is not clear. There are also options of which front fenders are used, I choose the first one as it was more commonly used in service form the picture I had as reference.

Assembly of stages 47 to 52 is the truck bed, the only point to be careful of is the assembly of the A2 parts and the rear fender which is a little tricky as the attachments are flimsy.

Then the construction is assembly of all the sub-assemblies. I then did the Camo paint which was applied freehand. Did the clear coat with the ICM vanish supplied which was easy to apply, followed by a few decals.

This is a great kit and I really enjoy building it, it will make a great addition to my collection.

Thanks go to ICM for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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