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USN aircraft carriers, although any USN vessel with an aviation division can use these.
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The photoetch fret arrived in excellent shape in a resealable plastic package with the distinctive Eduard knight logo. The fret is 2.75 x 2.00 inches in size. The color-etched laminated figures are printed on both sides on polished metal. The fret metal is just soft enough to fold the figures, but firm enough to hold shape, whew! The 3D concept is that each figure consists of two halves, joined at the feet. The halves are folded upwards and together, creating a thicker and more-to-scale figure. Properly folded, the shoulders will match, and the boots can be folded to form feet for the figure to stand on. Trimming should be done very carefully, as should the folding. If the folding is not done correctly, it will be difficult to have the shoulders and feet line up.

The entire rainbow wardrobe and a few specialty shirts are represented in this set of 92 figures. Kneeling shooters in position are included, a big plus. The photo-etch coloring is superb, right down to goggles, cranials, and “see-me” reflective patches. The reflective patches are not actually reflective, but if you leave the bare metal cuts shiny on the shoulders, the patches almost look reflective! I did not experience any delamination of the color film when folding. I did have this delamination problem on other Eduard products in the past; however, I did not this time. Nice work Eduard! I recommend that thin cyanoacrylate be wicked in the figure side joins to keep the figures from unfolding once the figure is in a final pose and ready for touch-up and installation. I did have any unfolding issues from temperature changes, but I can see how things might separate with contraction and

I highly recommend this set, for ease-of-use, accuracy, and value.

Thank you to the Eduard Company for sending this figure set for review, it is always a pleasure to see what your new products bring to the scale-modeling world. Thank you also to the IPMS Reviewer Corps staff members who do the hard work in getting us modeling products to review, the reviews posted, and the news spread to the world.


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