U.S.A.F. Maintenance Crew - Farm Gate Operation Vietnam War 1965-1973

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July 9, 2014
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Company: Aerobonus - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site

To start, my thanks to Aires for providing IPMS/USA with this figure to review! One of six in this review series, each shows a passion and dedication Aires have to providing the finest resin products. We appreciate your support, with the usual nod to IPMS/USA leadership for allowing me to review these figures.

Produced under the Aerobonus branch of Aires, this particular figure is a USAF maintainer in Vietnam with equipment appropriate for the 1965–1973 time period. The casting has outstanding detail and fidelity, and it consists of three resin parts (main body, left and right arms). The figure is wearing the “campaign” hat with the edges folded up, a standard issue set of two-piece fatigues, and a holstered .45-caliber pistol and cartridge belt. He is in a standing position, bent over as if picking up, or about to pick up, something like a box. Also included with the figure are painting instructions in color!

It took about 10 minutes to clean the casting up (there is a web between the legs), remove the arms from their spots on the pour stub, and superglue the parts together. I primed the figures with Tamiya fine spray primer, and used Vallejo for the detail and uniform painting. I then used basic colors that were mixed as required to get a better color match to give the figure a proper look. Finally, I ran a wash over everything, and I finished by drybrushing the figure to bring out details.

There is nothing more to add here, other than to simply state that this figure is a worthy upgrade. Simply assemble the parts, paint, and install the figure in your vignette or diorama for a great visual effect without too much work!

Thanks again to Aires for providing these to IPMS/USA!


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