USAF Fighter Pilot - Vietnam War 1960-1975

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Company: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
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A nicely detailed 1/72 USAF Fighter Pilot! He stands in a USAF flight suit, harness, helmet in his right hand, and wears a USAF flight cap. Missing is a g-suit and the distinctive “bulletproof” mustache worn by USAF fighter pilots during the Vietnam War. However, with some careful painting, you can suggest these things at this scale.

The figure arrived in a clear package with insert. On the insert you’ll find a simple color illustration with paint suggestions. No specific paint manufacturer is suggested. Refer to references for correct colors.

The figure consists of separate pieces attached to a resin casting block: main body, left arm, right arm, and helmet. All you have to do is carefully remove them from the casting block and perform some light cleanup. Use superglue to assemble the figure.

A problem area encountered is the left arm, specifically the unnatural bulkiness of the left shoulder. Remove some material and it should look right.

The figure is a scaled down version of its 1/48 scale counterpart (product/stock # 480 065), which—at least for me—would be a lot easier to paint! Don’t be fooled by my clumsy finish, however. This is a finely detailed figure!

Thank you to Aires/Aerobonus for a nice resin figure and to IPMS USA for the opportunity to review it.


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