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United States Air Force (USAF) crew chiefs work tirelessly around -the clock to ensure aircraft are available for missions, especially in combat zones. has captured this spirit of “Can – do” with their latest offering.

The kit contains 12 parts for two figures and a Vietnam-era flight line fire bottle. The standing figure has doffed his shirt, something that would be quite understandable in the hot tropics combined with constant combat sorties, and aircraft that needed around-the-clock maintenance.

The fit of the parts is excellent, and seams clean up quickly and easily with files. My only problem with fit is with the standing figure, whose arms didn’t quite fit properly into place, and required just a touch of putty. My recommendation would be to dry-fit the figures into place on a diorama before gluing the arms into place.

Fire bottles are a common sight on flight lines and are required by the USAF, in this case, one fire bottle per aircraft. These particular fire bottles were being phased out as I came onto active duty, and has faithfully reproduced this one, although the boxes had become a bit battered by the time I worked with them on the flight line.

Paint per the instructions – the olive drab fatigues were in use for about the first five years or so of my USAF active duty, right down to the white T-shirt.

Thank you to Videoaviation for providing the kit and to IPMSUSA for allowing me to review the kit.


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