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Hauler is well known for its detail and this set does not disappoint. This set is designed to give 1/72 US armor (and soft skins) the next level with resin tools and PE tool clamps to replace the preponderance of molded on tools on vehicles in this scale.

In 1/72 scale, this is a small detail set, with the PE fret coming in at 0.75” x 1”. There are seven tools (pick, axe, sledgehammer, tanker bar, tank track adjusting wrench, handle, and shovel) with associated clamps and tie downs. The tie downs are tiny and can easily be sacrificed to the carpet monster. Fortunately, Hauler has you covered with a spare of each of the tool clamps (Parts nos. 1-5) and ten spare tool tie downs. The tank track adjusting wrench is not referenced in the instructions, but quick research indicates it is secured by two tie downs.

The bends for the clamps are easy 90o angles; the tie downs are molded by pressing the tie down around the tool. Assembly is simply to cut the piece out, sand, bend, and glue (or solder), and can be complete in a few minutes. One of the best aspects of PE is that it can be “damaged” and/or have manufacturing deficiencies built into it; something that is much harder to do in other mediums.

This is an easy-to-use (once you get past the very tiny pieces) PE that adds another level of detail to the kit. It is also highly recommended for those wanting to learn PE skills.

For those looking for that extra detail for your 1/72 US armor kit, this set is for you.

Profuse thanks to Hauler and Brengun and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.


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