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March 17, 2016
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Brengun is very well known for its wide range of photo-etched set and resin accessories for airplane models, and has once again expanded on the diorama scene with this tow bar.

I don’t know about you guys but the minute I hear tow bar, painful memories arise from countless PT sessions involving said large piece of metal, oops sorry wrong tow bar type. This is an aircraft tow bar and not to be confused with an army tow bar.

This nice piece from Brengun comes in a very sturdy cardboard box and is well packaged and protected from damage and the elements.

There are a total of 4 resin pieces and one photo etch fret, the 2 long portions of the tow bar did have slight pitting and air pockets but nothing a little Deluxe Perfect Plastic putty couldn’t solve. Construction took place in 4 easy steps and the PE was actually extremely easy to work with and bend. I only needed my Dremel tool and cutting wheel to separate the long portions of the tow bar from the pour stubs.

Finishing came by way of Tamiya acrylics, namely XF-2 flat white, XF-7 Red and my good ole sharpie chisel point red marker for the wheels.

This was a very straightforward and easy build for such a delicate piece of any naval diorama and truly fun for me. My thanks to Brengun and IPMS for giving me the honor to review this piece of replica naval equipment.


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