US Navy Multiple Ejector Rack MER-7

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Any 1/48 F-105D/F/G Thunderchief
Company: Aerobonus - Website: Visit Site
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The US Navy Multiple Ejector Rack MER-7 is a weapon suspension unit that attaches to an aircraft's main racks (pylons or hard points) and can carry up to six weapons, such as a variety of bombs. This is currently used by the Navy only, as, according to sources, the Air Force quit using them in the 1990's. They have been used on the A-6 to F-105's.

The parts are extremely well detailed and cast in the normal grey resin. The racks are cast in one part. All you need to do is separate them from the casting blocks, sand, and you are ready. The remainder of the parts, 28, are the shackles to attach the bombs to the MER and the shackles to attach the MER to the pylon. These need some cleaning and are small, so careful removal and clean up is required. It isn't difficult, but they are so finely cast that it will be time well spent. These are glued into the correct holes. To complete the MER, the modeler needs to use solder or wire to form the six wires connected to the mounting heads. I used wire from auto models used to wire the engines. Aerobonus has included recesses for the wire to go into, so this part goes quickly.

Since I was building an F-105 for review at this time, I used my MER on the kit. I included a comparison of the kit part and the Aerobonus part, and there really is no comparison – hands down, Aerobonus is better. Using it on the kit was simple. I cut off the kit part, drilled two holes for the Aerobonus shackles, and glued and painted. I think it looks great. I also think that if you want to hang empty MER's, this would be the way to go as they are that detailed.

This is a superb kit and is highly recommended. My Thanks to David Lajer and Aerobonus, and to IPMS, for the chance to review it.


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