U.S. Modern Infantry (Iraq War)

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The kit comes with two sprues, one for the four US Army figures and one for the four US Marine figures. There is a paper sheet with printed US food ration boxes that can be cut, folded, and glued up to represent these ration boxes. Also there is and instruction sheet for assembly. The first thing you will notice about this kit is that it is not a Tamiya mold, but instead a Master Box Mold. In fact the kit contains two Master Box figure sets into one. Why Tamiya used, Master Box Molds instead of producing their own is beyond me (could be a distributor relationship- Ed). Tamiya has a history of producing excellent figures, so I was a little dumb founded as to this fact when I received the kit. The figures have excellent detail with little to no flash to clean up. There are a few options for some of the figures. There are different weapons and equipment for some of the figures to choose from, but most build up to what you see on the box art.


I started with the US Army figures first then the Marines. I cleaned each part and mounted them to toothpicks for better painting. The equipment was cleaned and painted on the plastic trees. I assembled each figure with CA glue instead of liquid cement for faster assembly and painting. I found there to be very little need for gap filling with putty as the fit was excellent. There are no slings or Headbands for either of the weapons or goggles. I add the headbands made from Tamiya tape and painted them. I did not add the weapons slings


All the figures and equipment were primed with Tamiya spray can primer and painted with Tamiya paints using the recommended colors. The US Army and US Marine figures had the camouflage base color applied by brush. The other colors in the camouflage pattern were applied with the sponge method. All the equipment was painted by brush on the trees then touched up once on the figures. I gave the US Army figures a wash of AK Interactive Dark Wash & the US Marines a wash of AK Interactive Dark OIF Dark Brown wash. I placed both figure sets on scratch built bases to depict them in a natural setting.


This kit, besides being a Master Box molded kit and not a Tamiya kit, has excellent detail and assembly was very smooth as the parts fit was excellent. I recommend this kit to all modelers. I would like to thank Tamiya for this review sample and IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to review this kit.


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