U.S. M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun on M2 Carriage (Late Version)

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December 28, 2014
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Company: Riich Models
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As the United States found itself drawn into World War II, it was clear to Army commanders from the outset that their standard 37mm anti-tank guns were obsolete in the face of German armor. Pressed for time to field a suitable replacement, the British 6 pounder was adapted to the needs of the US Army. Although considered too heavy by many elements of the US Army, and limited to primarily armor-piercing ammunition, the M1 eventually became the standard anti-tank gun of American infantry divisions by 1944. The type saw action with American, British, Russian, and Free French forces by the end of WWII, and was phased out in the early 1950’s, although some smaller armies still have examples still in service.

The Kit

Riich Models leverages sprues from its British 6 pounder, and tosses in some new ones, to make this an excellent example of the US M1 57mm. Molded in light and medium gray, the 7 injection molded sprues sport finely detailed parts. 2 frets of well-executed photoetch detail compliment the styrene parts, and are accompanied by a small sheet of decals and color instructions which include painting guides.

Breach detail is delicate and comprehensive, as is that for the M18 telescope. The muzzle end of the gun tube is molded as a single piece, with the breach end being a 2-piece job joined on the longitudinal axis. Parts are included to pose the finished gun in travel or firing positions. 2 types of tires are included – field and civil types. Parts for a single ammo crate and 3 full-up rounds and 3 spent casings are also included. Again, detail is exceptional throughout.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Purveyors of American towed artillery will surely strike it Riich with this new M1 57mm. I highly recommend it to intermediate and advanced modelers – and to basic modelers looking to stretch their skills.

Thanks to Dragon USA for the review sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review it.


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