US GP 100lb AN-M30A1 Bombs (10pcs)

Published on
March 25, 2023
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BAL 72246
Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler Brengun

This set from Brengun provides parts to build ten 100lb bombs. Each bomb consists of a resin main body and four photoetched parts to represent the fins and the fuse arming prop on the nose. Separating the bombs from the pour gates is quickly done as they have a pouring extension on the front and are attached to a runner of five at the back. Attaching the fin assemblies requires removing three parts from the photoetch fret. These parts are done in brass and are not only thin, but easy to cut off and clean up. The fin assembly requires the builder to cut a cross hatched slot on the back of each resin bomb. The instructions suggest using a knife, but I found it easier to use a very thin saw blade. Interlocking fin legs are inserted into the slot and a fin “box” is formed by folding the PE part into a square and inserting it into the fin legs. The trick is getting all these parts to align. I didn’t get a usable copy till the third try. Paint is overall olive drab and silver for the fuse. Decals are provided for the yellow stripes and stencils on the bomb and the fin. I used Micro Sol and the decals reacted to it just fine.

This is a nice addition to any US fighter or bomber kit as the PE fins on these bombs will most certainly exceed the detail of most injection molded versions. Thank you Brengun for bringing another upgraded part with multiple applications and to IPMS for sending it my way to review.


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