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This kit actually comprises three kits for the price of one. There are two 1/48th scale Harlan tow tractors kits – two complete kits. Also included is one tow bar and a1/48th modern US/NATO missile cart with multiple configurations. The tow tractors are molded in light gray plastic and the cart and tow bar are molded in a dark gray-green. The parts are crisp and well done. There are no clear parts for the kit.

The tow tractors are simple and there are only 8 parts total for the basic tractor. There are numerous small parts. First, I cemented the bottom halves and wheel wells in. A little filler was needed on the wheel wells. The top fits well, as does the front grill. I added all the tow hooks, fuel tanks and handholds as the entire tractor is yellow. I also added a little filler at the back. I left off the front and back lights which are molded in plastic, as well as the seat and steering wheel, which are black. The wheels have separate wheel hubs, which is great – you can paint the hubs yellow and the wheels black and then glue them together. I only built one of the tractors as they are both the same.

The tow bar is straightforward and you only add a hand hold and the wheels. The missile cart has multiple options with type of holders and how the deck is configured. I chose the lower area set-up for something the size of a Sidewinder and the top ready to hold something the size of a Sparrow. The construction was simple and no filler was required. Once cleaned, everything was ready for paint.

Paint is also simple, with the tractor being yellow – I used German WWI yellow. It looks a little orange and similar to Caterpillar yellow. The wheels were painted grimy black and the seat and steering wheel black. A little wash and some scrapes and the parts were assembled with no issue. I glued the wheels together and sanded the flat parts, and then repainted the grimy black parts. I added the lights and did them in silver, and then transparent red for the brake lights and post beacon, and clear gloss for the headlights. Fit was good on all parts. The cart and tow bar were painted NATO green and then weathered and washed for a dirty look. Flat coat all around and I was done.

If you are looking for a great way to set up an elaborate diorama, or maybe a little something to set off your kits on those contest tables, Skunkmodels has you answer. Two tractors, a tow bar, and a missile cart for a very low price. Excellent value!

My thanks to Lucky Models for the chance to construct this item and to IPMS/USA to review it.


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