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The UH-60 Blackhawk is America’s current work horse helicopter. One of its most important roles is as a Medevac helicopter. When I was an Independent Duty Medic in Korea in 1987 I was supported by the Army Blackhawks. The kit is molded in molded in resin. Molding is very good, detail is crisp and clean. I found only 2 small bubbles to be filled. Pour blocks are small and the parts can be removed with no damage in a short time.The kit includes the carousel, 4 litter pans and a panel for the ceiling of the cabin with the rotating arm molded on. The carousel can be made to rotate so it can be shown in loading or in flight position. The rotating arm is molded in the inflight position. However, when installed in the helicopter kit, that is hard to see.

The instructions are a single sheet, front and back. There are five pictures of the kit parts and four of the real thing, all in black and white. There is minimal text, but an experienced modeler should be able to cope.

Construction starts adding the 4 litter pans to the carousel. You can show them folded up or down. There are four small “wood” blocks to be added to each pan. Now you can add the rotating pins to the top and bottom of the carousel. The holes are already on the part, but I deepened them for strength. You can use wire (not included) for the pins per the instructions. My kit had two tiny resin pins (not mentioned in the instructions) that I used. Now you need to dry fit the cabin into the helicopter so that you can find the position for the carousel. One of the instruction pictures shows the carousel inside the cabin. First I eyeballed the center of the door opening and marked that on the cabin floor, then found the center of the cabin (from door to door) and drilled my first hole. By chance, the cabin ceiling has a circle on the top side to receive the prop assembly, and my second hole was in the center of that circle. (Your results may vary). Once the model is completed, you should be able to rotate the carousel just like the real thing. Or you could glue it in position and save a lot of time. Also in the kit are 4 excellent folded stretchers, a nice backboard, a fire-gel blanket cover, an oxygen bottle, a defib bag, a first aid bag, and a head and neck stabilizer. Even on an Army bird, some of these items would be in bright colors. (Yellow for the stabilizers, Orange for the blanket cover, blue for the defib bag.) You also get a pair of bulkheads for the gunner’s windows. They have the padding on the forward side of each one and there is one fire extinguisher to mount on one of them. Dry fitting shows that the fit may need a little sanding on the backs of the bulkheads.

There are no decals in the kit, but Werner’s Wings have released a set for the Blackhawk which includes Medevac markings.

This set is a must have for Blackhawk fans, and Medics will be able to build the machines they served on. The quality is excellent and experienced modelers will enjoy the build. The kit was mastered by Joseph Szcygielski, who did an outstanding job.

I would like to thank Werner's Wings for supplying the kit and IPMS for the chance to review it.


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