TSR.2 Air Intakes

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QB 48 359
Base Kit
Airfix TSR-2
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Kitset parts

Thanks once again to Quickboost for providing IPMS/USA me these review items; these little things make a big difference, and we appreciate it!

OK, this is about as simple a review as you can get. These four vents are replacements for the kit items; the new QB vents are already hollowed out, and make a big difference in the appearance of the final product. These vents face backwards, and dump heat overboard. See the scan of the instruction sheet for Items 7F, 8F, 39A and 40A on the upper back of the aircraft.

Most of us old school guys use #11 Exacto blades and twirl away, occasionally stabbing ourselves in the fingers, to get hollow intake/exhaust vents.

Enter Quickboost! As we have come to expect, a fast one-for-one replacement for the kit items (See the photos!). The gray ones are the Quickboost; the white blob is one of the kit items.

These items are true “Even a monkey could… “ replacements. Worth the cash and acquisition time.


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