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From time to time, Hasegawa blesses us with a new high quality tool that seems like just the thing that model builders need to make their tasks a bit easier. The most recent item in Hasegawa’s Trytool line is exactly that. It is a set of precision stainless steel tweezers with a pair of small flat tips that should hold anything firmly during parts assembly or painting.

The tweezers Hasegawa identifies as Finish Tweezers come in a clear plastic folding carton with a soft plastic protective sleeve covering the tip. The information printed on the back of the package is in Japanese, but the use of the tool is universally known, so instructions really aren’t necessary. The tweezers are on a par with those manufactured by Xuron and Dumont. They are machined to a high tolerance for precise work and have the correct spring tension needed to hold and release whatever they are used for. They have a brushed satin finish, assuring a long life. And, because they are stainless steel, any adhesive residue that attaches itself can be scrapped off quickly and, if used to hold small parts during painting, they can be wiped clean with a little alcohol or thinner.

I have found these tweezers to be useful throughout the entire building/finishing process. They are highly recommended to model builders of all interests who want to work with quality tools. My thanks to Hobbico and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to try and review them.


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