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May 4, 2019
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Revell 1/72 Merkava Series
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Without expressed or written consent, I stole the following from an IPMS/USA Review by Mike Lamm: OKB Grigorov is a small model company based in Bulgaria. The company, begun in 2002, focuses primarily on AFVs, tanks, and naval ships in 1/72, 1/350 and 1/700 scales, and they have an extensive list of after-market products available. They produce full resin kits with photo-etch enhancements, as well as resin, photo-etch, and white metal conversion pieces for other models. More recently, they began producing some plastic AFV kits.

This review is not of one of those but rather on an after-market set of tracks for Revell's Merkava series of tanks in 1/72nd scale. HobbyBoss has a 1/72nd scale Merkava but they choose to mold the road wheel /tracks as one piece. The Revell kit features separate road wheels and length and link style tracks. While it is might be possible to remove the tracks lengths from the Hobby Boss assembly, it will be a bit of a chore. Given a choice, maybe best to stick with the Revell version...for your own sanity.

The OKB Grigorov Merkava track set comes with seven lengths of track with nicely molded detail, on both sides, as well as two complete, three- piece replacement drive sprockets. OKB Grigorov has molded the tracks parts in a softer style of plastic than you might be familiar with, that does nothing to distract from the lovely detail of these replacement tracks and the drive sprockets. Actually the softer type of plastic should aid in applying the track lengths and adding the appropriate sag common to the prototype vehicle. Not to mention assisting you with getting the tracks to conform to the drive sprocket and idler wheels. Some judicious scoring between links should be all that’s needed to make it go round and rounds the drive sprockets/idler wheel.

This set of tracks looks to be an easy one-to-one replacement for your next project and will do wonders for the overall appearance of that next 1/72nd scale Merkava. OKB Grigorov products are available directly from the manufacturer or from select online retailers. But I encourage you to support your local hobby shop. By the time you pay postage for an online order your local hobby shop can get the same item for a comparable cost.

My thanks to OKB Grigorov and IPMS/USA for this review copy.

P.S. I did receive permission to use the opening remarks attributed to Mike Lamm. Merci beaucoup!


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