Tornado Gr.1 Interior (Self Adhesive)

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For those who wish to build a first class model of the Tornado, Eduard has some items that will make the interior of the Tornado come alive with detail and color. Eduard is offering an excellent set of photo etched parts to replace some of the molded cockpit detail found in the Hobby Boss Tornado kit, and the Eduard parts are “self-adhesive”. It is necessary to remove the molded detail on the instrument panel and side consoles of the Hobby Boss parts. While doing so goes against the grain for most modelers, rest assured that the appearance of the cockpit will be improved once the Eduard parts are installed.

There are some cautions that must be observed when working with self-adhesive PE. Eduard suggests that all of the PE parts are left on the protective backing paper, cutting the parts out much like a decal prior to application, but without the need to be precise with the cut. Once the part, still on the protective paper, has been removed from the metal carrier sheet, one can remove the protective paper, making sure to handle the PE part by the edges. Touching the adhesive side of the PE will cause problems and it should be avoided. Place the PE part in position using a very light touch, and once the alignment is correct, press the part down to “engage” the adhesive. A misaligned part can be relocated but extreme caution and patience must be exercised.

Examining the various parts on the metal parts sheet, one will notice that the instrument panel consists of two parts. A black part with white instrument faces is topped by a gray panel which has the holes molded into it so those white instrument faces now appear in the instrument “bezels”. The effect is fantastic!

Installation is quick and can be easily accomplished in about 30 minutes, but there is no rush and it’s better to take the time to get all of the parts aligned properly. This product provides one with an easy and inexpensive way to improve significantly the interior of an already excellent model.

This product is one in a long and ever-expanding line of excellent products that are produced by Eduard. Eduard has two other detail sets intended for the Hobby Boss Tornado -- set # 49 529 includes seatbelts and parts to detail the ejection seats, and set # 48 689 provides parts to enhance the interior of the airframe. The detail on this set of Eduard PE parts is excellent, the color is sharply applied, and the parts can be installed with the basic tools that almost all modelers have on their workbench.

This product is highly recommended. Thanks to the fine folks at Eduard M.A. Ltd. And IPMS for the opportunity to review this excellent product.


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