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1/48 Hobby Boss Tornado ADV
Company: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
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PE Fret

Eduard provides a complete set of parts to enhance the appearance of the ejection seats for the Hobby Boss Tornado ADV with this product, Eduard’s Tornado ADV Seatbelts Set, # 49547. The Eduard set is colored so no painting will be necessary.

A PE “bender” is not required to use the Eduard set. The Eduard parts can be easily manipulated and re-shaped with a pair of tweezers. Some of the parts are quite small, so a modicum of caution must be exercised not only to prevent the parts from becoming one with the carpet, but also to prevent any unfortunate accidental bends being introduced to the PE parts.

Some minor surgery on the Hobby Boss seats is required prior to application of the Eduard PE parts. Refer to the Eduard instruction sheet and it will clearly illustrate those molded details on the Hobby Boss seats that need to be removed. Once the Hobby Boss seats are prepped and painted, the Eduard parts can be attached. A sharp X-Acto blade can be used to remove the PE parts from the tiny attachment points that hold them on the parts sheet. A rounded blade seems to work better than the classic #11 blade.

Because I am somewhat fumble-fingered, I use two different adhesives, depending on the nature of the PE parts being attached. If the part is easy to place in its permanent location, I use superglue. If the location is more difficult to reach, or if the part will require some adjustment to get it into its final position, I use Gator Grip Glue. Gator Grip allows for some repositioning of the part, which I have found is often a necessity for me. Drying time is slower, of course, but adhesion is strong and sturdy. In the end, use the glue that best suits your individual requirements.

This product is one in a long and ever-expanding line of excellent products that are produced by Eduard. The detail is excellent, the color is sharply applied, thus eliminating any painting, and the parts can be applied with the basic tools that almost all modelers have on their workbench.

This product is highly recommended. Thanks to the fine folks at Eduard M.A. Ltd. And IPMS for the opportunity to review this excellent product.


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