TOPGUN Tigers and Talons

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February 11, 2017
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Base Kit
Company: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Furball Aero-Design - Website: Visit Site
Decal cover sheet

The movie Top Gun, love it or hate it, raised a lot of interest in the Navy Fighter Weapons School and that interest was not lost on modelers, with the markings of the Adversary planes standing out. Furball has given us an enormous sheet of markings covering thirteen different schemes covering 12 different of F-5Es and F-5Fs between 1976 and 1986. Note that this is different from the smaller schemes as they just couldn’t fit the T-38’s on the sheet. There is great news in that the markings included are all airframes so you could build all thirteen planes included.

The schemes included are:

  • F-5E 159882, 1982 #42 (two tone gray scheme)
  • F-5E 159881, 1982 #43 (gray and blue scheme)
  • F-5E 160793, 1986 #44 (two tone gray scheme)
  • F-5E 160794, 1986 #45 (brown and tan scheme)
  • F-5E 159885, 1985 #43 (gray and green scheme)
  • F-5E 159880, 1985 #42 (gray, green, and scheme)
  • F-5E 162307, 1986 #41 (3 tone gray splinter scheme)
  • F-5E 159884, 1982 #44 (overall light gray scheme)
  • F-5E 159882, 1977 #40 (three tone blue scheme)
  • F-5E 159880, 1980 #42 (3 tone gray scheme)
  • F-5E 159878, 1976 #544 (3 tone gray splinter scheme)
  • F-5E bureau number ???, 1987 (overall flat black “MiG-28” scheme)
  • F-5E bureau number ???, 1984 (overall gloss black “MiG-28” movie scheme)

Inside the packet, you will find one large sheet of decals printed by Cartograf which are aligned perfectly. The instructions are full color and include six color sides and a cover for the decals. The markings range from simple overall light gray to multiple colors to splinter schemes to SEA camouflage colors. And speaking of Top Gun, the supposed Mig-28 scheme is also included which is the all black one in the attached pictures. Sure, its fictional but it was even researched. Where needed, there are notes in the instructions dealing with plane specifics and notes to help the modeler.

With great color schemes to meet everyone’s preference, full decals for twelve planes and Cartograf quality, this sheet is a bargain. It’s less than $2 per plane in 1/32nd. Wow!

High, highly recommended. My thanks to Geoff and Furball for the opportunity to review these awesome decals!


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