Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks

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Dennis Oliver
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64pp, 200 illustrations
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Dennis Oliver is the author of over twenty books on Second World War armored vehicles including Tiger I and II Tanks, German Army and Waffen-SS, Eastern Front 1944, Panther Tanks, German Army and Waffen-SS, Normandy Campaign 1944, Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer, German Army, Western Europe 1944-1945, and Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks, German Army and Waffen-SS, and The Last Battles in the West, 1945.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Normandy Battlefield
  • Camouflage & Markings
  • Model Showcase
  • Technical Details and Modifications


This book is another installment of the Tank Craft series which currently holds 17 titles and covers German, American, and British tanks, Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks, and German Army and Waffen-SS, and Normandy Campaign 1944.

The single-page introduction provides a cursory overview of the Normandy campaign, Tiger tank battalions and the author’s previous books. The chapter, “The Normandy Battlefield”, is really fantastic. It has very detailed date records along with a map discussing the troop movements of the Americans, British and Germans. Another highly valuable inclusion is a diagram (one of several) showing the turret numbers and their corresponding battalions. I can see many uses for a diagram such as this—especially for diorama builders who want to make sure their turret numbers are accurate to the setting and time period of Normandy.

The chapter Camouflage and Markings is a homerun. There are ten pages of beautiful, very detailed color illustrations of 20 different Tiger I and II tanks. Not only is the color illustration provided, but so is a black and white photo of each tank. This is a fabulous resource indeed, and one that I will return to often as I work on German armor models.

The Model Showcase is just that. This really shows how this book---as are all of the Tank Craft books—is written with model builders in mind. The chapter is not merely photographs of models but rather it is a showcase of models, techniques, ideas, and modifications which the builders did to their subjects. The models used include Dragon, Meng, Takom, Hauler, and many others. Not only are models discussed but also many aftermarket items.

This is an awesome book! It is written with the model builder in mind, and in my opinion, this is a really valuable resource for German armor builders. From the detailed timeline, the turret number family trees, and the excellent color illustrations, this book is a slam dunk!

If you would like to see what other tanks are covered in the Tank Craft series, visit the Casemate Publishers website! It is well worth it.

Thank you to Casemate Publishers for providing a copy of this book for review.


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