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September 22, 2014
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The Revell Thames Panel Truck is a cool little kit. There’s some flash, thin hinges, and misalignment of parts, but it’s still a very cool kit.


The engine – maybe an Olds – is set up to be built as with fuel injection. Since I planned to build a street version, I wanted something more street capable so I put a dual quad setup on top.


Not much to the chassis and it has several tiny little parts – especially on the front end. Most of the suspension pieces are chrome so the glue points need to be scraped to the bare plastic. Be careful – some of the parts are very small.


The minimal interior is terrific for a gas coupe but a street rod needs more comfort, so the kit seats went to the parts bin in favor of more comfortable Recaro bucket seats. Flocking was added as well as an aluminum steering column with turn signal lever. The kit butterfly steering wheel was replaced with a different unit.


Very little cleanup of flash or mold lines was required on the body. You get separate door handles. The body was primered with white Duplicolor sandable primer followed by a coat of HOK snowhite pearl on the top and HOK medium teal pearl on the bottom half. The body was then cleared with Nason 2 part urethane clear and was sanded, polished and waxed.

My only complaint about the Thames panel truck is the door hinges. They’re very fragile and the doors don’t really fit on them.

This really cool kit to work on and Revell needs to be commended for their craftsmanship. Thank you also to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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