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Thank you, Bob Sanchez, for another stunning set of decals for us! While the Bicentennial F-15 is not new to us in the modeling community as the original aircraft was displayed and flown worldwide over 40 years ago, the decals are a much-needed facelift to anyone who has an old F-15 A-D laying around or just maybe wanting to change it up and not use the kit decals.

About the Company

Two Bobs is a limited run/ Custom aviation Decal company based out of Fort Worth, Texas and is owned and operated by Mr. Bob Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez is a former enlisted Air Force engineer and has been very active in the modeling community almost all of his life and has continued to be active in the aviation field outside of his service to our country.

I can tell you guys from experience Mr. Sanchez’s decals cover unique and memorable topics, are a pleasure to work with and downright hard to get if you miss out on a particular set, so keep that in mind when ordering.

What’s on the Sheet?

This decal set is a very large set and when I say large it covers 3 large colorful sheets and one smaller sheet with the world tour logo used near the canopy. The decal will cover one aircraft and includes aircraft stenciling. The Markings will help you complete the F-15B (TF-15A) Eagle as it was seen at the following countries during the final leg of its adventure:

  • F-15B S/N 71-0291 Farnborough International Air Show July 1976
  • F-15B S/N 71-0291 World Tour Scheme Australia July 1976
  • F-15B S/N 71-0291 World Tour Scheme Canada July 1976

The Decals

The Decals are extremely bright and colorful and I could see hardly little to none carrier film, however they are on the thick side paper wise but no reason to be alarmed that will not affect print and decal quality.

Two Bobs has teamed up with Microscale industries to handle their printing needs instead of printing themselves, so if you have used their products before you know the quality and construction of these decals will be outstanding and a complete home-grown product for the select few that are concerned about US manufacturing.

The decals have a 2-sheet instruction set printed on both sides covering paint schemes, color callout along with decal and stencil placement. The first 3 larger sheets cover the livery and stencil placement of the aircraft with the small sheet containing one decal only for the left side of the outer cockpit panel which is the tour flag.

The Color callouts are covered through the following.

  • FS Color- FS17875
  • Humbrol Lacquer- HU22
  • GSI Creos (Gunze Sangayo) - H316
  • Mr. Paint- MRP-135
  • Testor’s Model Master Line- 1745
  • Xtracrylics- XA1141

Two Bobs has specified Great Wall Hobbies, Hasegawa and Academy’s F-15 B and D’s, however, I sure they would fit the other manufacturers just fine with little to no change, as always, the choice is always up to the builder, they’re budget, desires, and creativity. I have built the Great wall Hobbies and Academy so I know they would look gorgeous on those kits but that is from a personal perspective.


These are very lively and colorful decals for an aircraft that not only represented 200 years of America's Independence and status as a world power but F-15B SN 71291 went on to be the testbed aircraft for the CFT (conformal fuel tank) program now seen C, D, and E variants.


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