Tempest Wheels, Early and Late

Published on
August 17, 2022
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BRL72260 & BRL72261
Base Kit
Company: Brengun - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hauler Brengun

The new Airfix 1/72 Tempest V kit is very nice but, in some areas there’s a slight lack of detail and sharpness. These two new releases from Brengun/Hauler in the Czech Republic can fix one of those areas of weakness.

Cast in Brengun’s standard medium grey resin, there are two different items - what they term Early and Late Wheels. What this means is reality is that early Tempests had Typhoon main wheel hubs with 5 spokes. Sometime in the JN-series, this changed to a new 4-spoke design, but the exact cut off is not known. What is known is that the first 50 Tempest Vs (JN729 to JN773 and JN792-796) were built using the centre-sections from a cancelled Typhoon contract, so it would make sense that they, at least, had the 5-spoke wheels.

I was able to obtain a copy of the Airfix kit and so could make a direct comparison of the kit and resin wheels. As the photo shows, the resin parts are much more refined and have much sharper detail.

These are high quality, though not particularly cheap accessories, costing half of what the kit retails for. So, it really is up to the individual modeler to decide if they wish to make the investment. Based solely on the product, they are to be recommended.

My thanks to Brengun/Hauler for the review sample.


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