Tapered Masts Set 2

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July 9, 2016
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In the package!

Thank you to Master Model and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for the privilege of reviewing this excellent replacement part set for 700-scale ship models in the Sea Master Series offered by Master Model. The replacement masts will add a crisp eye-catching detail in a highly visible part of any modern ship model. Master Model is continuing an excellent line of replacement brass parts for ship models.

The zipper closure package has 4 smoothly tapered, turned brass masts in a variety of sizes. A small spec sheet is included. The masts taper evenly and symmetrically from the base upward to the tip. Each mast is 60 mm long, with mast base/tip diameters of 1.4/0.4 mm, 1.6/0.5 mm, 1.8/0.6 mm, and 2.0/0.7 mm. This size range is effective for larger-size modern ships in 700-scale, however, the masts could easily be used in other scales as appropriate. The brass has a nice smooth sheen, with no sign of cutting oils. A major bonus of these masts is the rigid character of the brass. Temperature changes and subsequent rigging tension are much less likely to bend the masts.

I highly recommend these detail replacement masts for the ease-of-use, durability and value for the money. I’ve fiddled with masts many times trying to get the kit parts to look right. The replacement masts are a welcome improvement and work well with earlier Master Model yardarm sets. Thank you again to Master Model and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for the privilege of reviewing these excellent replacement parts!


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