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March 10, 2021
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The Tanque Argentino Mediano (TAM) is a 30-ton armored tracked combat vehicle with a 105 mm cannon based on the running gear and hull of the Marder Infantry Vehicle. It has been designed considering the constrains of roads, bridges and terrain of Argentina. It was designed as a joint effort of Thyssen-Henschel and TAMSE (an Argentinean company specially created to build the TAM). The hull has been adapted into a whole family of vehicles, including APC, mortar carrier and even a 155 mm SPG on an elongated hull.

Dukel Hobbies, from Buenos Aires, is a large retailer that caters to the hobbyist in Argentina. Recently they started dipping their toes into the manufacturing business, with the TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano) in 1/35 scale and their upcoming Pucara aircraft in 1/48 scale. They also host a YouTube Channel with tutorials including a 4-part series as to how to build this kit and others (in Spanish only).

The kit is multimedia, with most parts casted in a yellow/cream colored resin, free of bubbles and with a very smooth finish. Most of the parts are shipped after carefully being removed from their casting blocks, making one of the most tedious and difficult tasks of a resin kit to be non-existing. In that sense, this kit is closer to an injection model kit than a limited run one, giving that there are no casting blocks to remove and the surface is so smooth and free of imperfections.

Some parts have been casted in grey resin, mainly the pioneer tools. Most of the small parts and details (like engine grills, etc.) are actually 3D Printed with a very high-quality printer as all parts are smooth and ready to be used in the model.

For tracks, you are provided with 5 resin lengths of track and a 3D-printed template. The idea is that you will dip the resin length in hot water to soften them and use the 3D template to get the resin to wrap around the running gear by using the 3D-printed template. Very clever design, easy to do and kind of fun!

The barrel for the main weapon is made out of turned metal and it includes a hollow end. It is made of 3 pieces, but it ships pre-assembled. You only need to prime and paint it.

The kit includes a small water slide decal sheet, with markings for 4 vehicles, plus individual number/letters to create your own serial number.

If you are interested to purchase your own copy, contact tam@dukelhobbies.com.ar. The transaction will be done on Ebay, with a PayPal guarantee. International shipping includes tracking so you can tell where you package is at all times. It took about one week to arrive from Argentina to the US.

I highly recommend this kit to any modeler, except the most novice. But considering that most of the casting blocks are removed already you can focus on assembly and painting of the kit like any other injection molded kit.

You can see the tutorials for this kit (and others) at https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dukel+hobbies+tutoriales

I have no relationship with Dukel Hobbies. I personally purchased the kit and Dukel Hobbies kindly included the 3 figures for the crew in the box when shipping. I want to thank Dukel Hobbies for the figures and for the many messages exchanged with them. I also want to thank IPMS/USA for publishing this review.


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