Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge

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Steven J. Zaloga Illustrated by: Felipe RodrÍguez
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Softcover, 48 pages with over 40 black and white and color photos, charts, and profile artwork
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NVG 281
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This exciting new volume in the New Vanguard series from Osprey gives the reader a new analysis of the tanks from both sides of one of the last and most intensive battles of the European Theater of Operations- the Battle of the Bulge. Who better to offer up the analysis than one of the most acclaimed authors in military history in the present day- Steven Zaloga. His book gives a thorough survey of the principal tank and tank variants that took part in the Ardennes Campaign from December of 1944 through January of 1945.

As per usual with the New Vanguard series, the book opens with an overview of the campaign including tables of Wehrmacht Panzerwaffe in the Ardennes (16 December, 1944) and US Armored Divisions in the Ardennes from the duration of the campaign.

Following this is The Tanks, Doctrine, and Organization- from Wehrmacht, US Army, and British tanks. Numerous tables filled with statistics are scattered throughout the section. There are a number of excellent color profiles from both sides present here, as well as some little seen period photographs that provide all sorts of great ideas for vignettes and dioramas. I have included some here in the review to give you an idea of the potential here.

Of particular interest to me is the following section detailing Technical Factors for each side. Another great set of charts are included, featuring comparative technical characteristics of Sherman variants versus Panzer IV and Panther tanks. Another chart matches up assault guns and tank destroyers like the StuG III, M10s, and M36s. Another set of charts give thorough run downs of US tank gun types versus German guns. In the section is one piece of color artwork that centers on the Battle for the Dom Bütgenbach Mayor Farm occurring on 21 December, 1944.

The Battle Analysis chapter gives a nice summary of what was learned from both sides, including organizational and doctrinal lessons, technical lessons, and a breakdown of tank casualties. The book concludes with a brief section outlining Further Reading.


Osprey continues to impress with this series of books, giving a vast amount of knowledge in a small volume that could easily be devoured in one sitting. Tons of color profiles give excellent references if one is looking to recreate a more unusual scheme (I particularly was fascinated by the StuG III and Ersatz M10 Panther in US markings), this is just the reference book for you. The vast number of period photographs gives endless ideas for placing one’s model in a unique setting. Mr. Zaloga has delivered once again and I heartily recommend this one for anyone interested in the armor of the Ardennes Campaign. My thanks to Osprey Publishing and IPMS-USA for the review sample.


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