TankArt 3: Modern Armor

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December 21, 2022
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Michael Rinaldi and Andy Taylor
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Hardback landscape format (9.5”x 8.5”), 288 pages with over 500 high quality color photographs.
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Company: Rinaldi Studio Press - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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TankArt 3 Modern Armor was first released in 2014 (T-62M1 on the cover). Is this book simply a republished book and is it worth buying this edition (AMX-30B on the cover)? If you already have this book, then this second edition is 64 pages longer (from 224 to 288 pages), added a Technique Proficiency chapter, expanded, and updated sections on hair spray chipping, oil paint rendering (OPR), and pigment applications.

TankArt 3 Modern Armor is not only a “how-to”, but it is also a “why” on how to use the highly visual artistic approach to modeling. This book is magical in its sequence from good builds to the painting, to hyper detailing using modern and time-tested techniques. Where this book excels is the progression with each step, letting the modeler peek behind the magician’s cape.

The book is presented logically, composing the following ten chapters:

  1. Products & Materials
  2. Weathering Principles
  3. Combining HS (Hairspray Techniques) & OPR (Oil Paint Rendering)
  4. Pigment Application
  5. D9R Armoured Dozer
  6. AMX-30B Main Battle Tank
  7. FV221 British Caernarvon Prototype
  8. T-62M1 Main Battle Tank
  9. T-72B Mod. 1989 Main Battle Tank
  10. Iraqi MT-LB by Andy Taylor

Author and modeler Mike Rinaldi introduces his TankArt (TA) 3 book,

“Could the efforts of explaining both the how and why of the projects truly translate into a successful endeavor? Would you, the reader, grasp and embrace the books for what they were? And rolling into this volume based on Modern armor subjects, would it be received the same as it was for the German and Allied titles?”

This reader answers unequivocally yes! And I am not alone as demand created from the first editions 2014 release resulted in this hefty tome. The Products and Materials chapter covers the basics of priming, painting, airbrush, pigments, weathering principles, hairspray (HS), oil paint rendering (OPR), chipping, and pigment application.

Each subsequent chapter highlights these techniques in Mike Rinaldi’s five exquisite model builds, followed by guest modeler Andy Taylor (regrettably not this author as I do indeed have an Iraqi MT-LB that would serve well as the before to his after shot). These models are detailed step by step and is a great reference for a beginner through advanced modeler. A bonus for this reviewer is the two-page Quick Reference SBS (Step By Step) at the end of each chapter highlighting the previous steps in a quick, easy way to reference format.

I cannot recommend this book enough for modelers of (modern) armor. This is a great one-stop book to learn how-to step-up armor model building. I am thoroughly impressed with its easy-to-follow format and Mike does a great job writing through the process, not down to the reader. Instead of being overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy, I am really inspired to dig a modern Russian or French MBT out of my stash and go to work with this book next to me on the bench. This tome would also be in place on a coffee table as a fine art book.

Profuse thanks to Casemate and IPMS-USA for providing the review sample.


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