Tally-Ho on the FAC, USAF OV-10A Broncos in the Vietnam Era

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July 26, 2023
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AOA has provided us modelers with some great Vietnam markings for aircraft of all types. This latest sheet covers the OV-10A as used by the USAF in Vietnam.

Included in the 8.5 x 11 ziplock baggie are instructions and decals for 19 USAF aircraft. They are pretty much the same style of paint scheme as used by Air Force FACs in Vietnam, white on top of the wings with grey used on the rest of the airframe.

One unique airplane is the inclusion of a Pave Nail modified OV-10A. It is the beginning of guided munitions deliver. For more info on this system, check out: https://www.loran-history.info/Operation_Tight_Reign/PAVE%20NAIL.pdf

The instructions are on four sheets of 8.5 x 11 quality paper in full color. Four view markings are included for the 19 aircraft. Also included are the suggested loadouts for the airplanes in combat and the stencil locations. The two that standout to me are the one with the 1st Cav emblem and a shark mouthed one.

The instruction sheets are phenomenal with more information about the aircraft than I could find online. Every aircraft is meticulously researched. There is information on what to include from the kit, what to delete and an impressive amount of info on the armament. The stencils are impressive and used on all the armament. Really the instructions themselves are worth the price of admission.

The decals themselves are in a word, perfect. They are well researched and rendered. The decals are printed by Cartograf so you know they are the best in the world. They are thin and in perfect register. They respond well to all known setting solutions I’ve ever used on them. There are two sheets in this set. The first is the individual markings for the aircraft and the other is the stencils. The stencils are actually sheet 48-021, so if you want to make more than one aircraft from the sheet you can purchase just the stencils and make it happen.

I don’t think there is a way you can improve on these decals. World class all the way from research to the printing. AOA Decals has produced another excellent sheet and at a bargain price. NINETEEN aircraft to choose from. That is a huge value along with the option to purchase just the stencils separately makes this sheet a real bargain. The instructions contain more information than I could find online making them worth the price of the decals. That and printing y Cartograf makes this a winner in my book. Great job AOA. Bring on the ICM or Testors OV-10s.

Highly recommended

Thanks to AOA Decals and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting them directly at www.aoadecals.com or by visiting your local hobby shop or online retailer. Let them know you read about it here at IPMS/USA.


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