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I’ve never met a Japanese kit that wasn’t top-quality, and the Tales From The Apocalypse series from Gecco Models is no exception.

This series of figures carries a 1980s-era B-Movie Horror theme. In what may be the most brilliant packaging of any models I’ve ever seen, these figures are packaged in look-alike VHS tape boxes.

Number 3 in the series, is a traffic guard/Street Worker, wearing a reflective safety vest, hardhat, carrying a Stop Sign, and sporting a particularly nasty back trauma wound. He has had several limbs broken and twisted in whatever horrible accident occurred to him earlier in the day. The kit comes with multiple left arms, I’ve chosen the one dragging the stop sign, as this reflects a “fresh” zombie in my pop-culture addled brain.

The kit is made of high-quality styrene with virtually zero mold lines or flash. The joint between the neck and head is not ideal for a kit like this, and in hindsight, could’ve used some filler to smooth the transition, however, considering the rest of his facial feature skin is folded, I think this error is passable. No base was included in the kit (an optional resin basing kit is available for each figure, sold separately) so I built my own base. All parts fit well, as is expected from high-quality Japanese kits.

I could have kept painting details for days more, however, I was out of time for the review. The figure was painted with Badger Minitaire and Vallejo acrylic paints, using a Badger Xtreme Patriot 105 airbrush and traditional brushes, and I utilized Vallejo Model Color Effects paints for the first time, specifically Dried Blood and Fresh Blood. If I had more time and/or been more disciplined with my time, I planned on freehanding “STOP” and “SLOW” on the respective sides of the Stop Sign, as well as giving it some weathering. No decals are included in the kit, so hand-painting or making your own decals will be necessary.

I really enjoyed this kit, and only wish I’d had more time to really lavish on painting details, as these kits can really be made to look gruesome.


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