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May 30, 2022
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Company: Iliad Design - Website: Visit Site
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Illiad Design has recently released an aftermarket decal set covering T-38C in Heritage Schemes.

This decal sheet covers a total of 5 aircrafts and you are provided with enough markings as to be able to model all of them while in service with the USAF. The covered airframes follow:

  • T-38C from the 50th Flying Training Squadron, honoring the heritage of the 50th Pursuit Sqn in 1941 (light olive green and 1940’s markings)
  • T-38C from the 90th Flying Training Squadron, honoring the P-47s from the 90th Pursuit Group in WWII (Dark green uppersurfaces)
  • T-38C from the 469th Flying Training Squadron, honoring the service in Vietnam, with an F-4 Phantom SEAC camouflage style
  • T-38C from the 586th Flying Training Squadron, honoring the B-26 ancestry of the squadron during WWII (dark green and D-Day invasion marks)
  • T-38C from the 49th Flying Training Squadron, honoring the P-38 lineage of the squadron (gloss black with yellow highlights).

The decal sheet provides you with heritage national markings, special commemorative markings and any trim/cheat sheet lines, except D-Day invasion markings.

BuNo numbers, air intakes warning signs, plus rescue markings. You might need to provide your own stencils, but those can be easily sourced from the original decal sheet of your model.

The decal themselves are glossy and in register. The colors are vivid (good density) and while I have not tested them, my previous experience with Illiad Decals is that they are easy to work with and conform to the model surface really well.

This decal sheet is great. Excellent choice of finishes and enough decals to model all of the choices provided.

Highly recommended.

I would like to thank Iliad Design and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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