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I have been a dedicated TreadHead for many a year now. That love also has a few sub divisions of TreadHeadiness. Yea, like that is a word. I have always thought Recovery Vehicles were so neat. Whether they were based on an actual combat vehicle like the M-31 and M-32 or completely their own design like the M-88. They all look so neat! The Russians were just like any other Army in the world. In the event of war or just a simple vehicular break down, combat vehicles need to be recovered and moved back to a location where they can be repaired. The first VT-34 vehicles were simple T-34s with no turret. Over time, they went from simple pulling tractors to very advanced combat recovery vehicles.

I have almost every VT-34 vehicle and conversion to make a VT-34 in 1/35 scale. However, When Steve Reids let me know he finally got his website up and running, I realized I did not have them all. Zachary Sex made the master for this simple and cheap conversion. It is designed to be used as a simple post war recovery tractor. The pictures I have seen of this simple conversion are semi-vague as to what is the correct way the turret opening is covered. In several of the photographs, it appears that the upper turret of a T-34/85 was torch cut off the turret and then welded onto the hull. The remaining gaps were the filled with scrap sheet and welded over. Other pictures show what appears to be this conversion. A very large circular plate used to cover the opening. Both versions use the commander and loaders hatches.

This simple conversion comes with no instructions. There really is no need. You simply slap the plate on and add the hatches and WooHoo….you are done. The kit comes packed in a simple zip lock bag and comprises nine parts. You get the turret ring with cutouts for the hatches, two different commander’s hatches, the loaders hatch and three periscopes. The kit comes with a rough and smooth cast textured commanders turret. All the parts are very well cast and will definitely add to any T-34 kit you use as your base.

If you have a desire to build a late war VT-34 and want to keep it simple, this is the way to go! I want to thank Zachary and Steve for collaborating on this project and allowing us to have a great alternative to the two expensive and complicated VT-34 kits that have been released already; and IPMS/USA for a posting this review to let fellow TreadHeads know of a new product out on the market. Have fun…build a Post War Tank Retriever.


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