T-34 Wheels Variations 1 & 2

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July 30, 2016
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35001, 35002
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Variation 1 package

The T34 series is as synonymous to armored combat as the Sherman. There are still T-34 series hulls being used in Russian and it’s satellite countries to this day. Most of these are in the recovery or construction vehicle role, but the fact that they are still being used is a testament to it’s ease of use and mechanical longevity. The T-34 series of vehicles have been kitted in every armor scale by almost every manufacturer in the business. There are also a plethora of aftermarket items available in every scale as well.

RES-IM or Resin Improvement manufactures Resin, PE and masks in every scale. They cover tanks and aircraft. No automotive or warships yet. Their armor selection is limited to three T-34 upgrade sets, fuel tank sets (Russian) and a set of resin wooden boxes.

Variation 2 or 35002 is a set of early war solid wheel with perforated rubber tires. These are good for early war T-34 series vehicles. They are usually seen mixed with the all cast rubber less wheels of the T34/76s. Variation 1 or 35001 is the late or post war version. These are the ones I am most interested in. There is only one company that manufacturers this style of wheel and it is only included in one of their kits. Dragon’s Su-85M Premium edition 6415 is the only kit or aftermarket manufacturer that contains a full set of these wheels. These wheels are different in that they do not contain the outward raised rubber strands as most of Dragon’s kits contain. These style wheels are the ones most commonly seen on late and post war vehicles. The Latrun T-34/85, Su-100, T34/D30, T-34/100, and T-34T all carry these style wheels. They are also seen mixed with the full spider and starfish style wheels.

RES-IM offers the ability to purchase additional sets on their website. The cost of five sets (enough for a complete outfit) is $20.45 plus $15.75 for shipping. They take PAYPAL as a form of payment.

Being made of resin, there are several steps I always take just to be on the safe side. It is best to give the parts good warm water and soap brush cleansing to ensure all mold release agents are removed. Then there is the required removal of the pour lug and sanding to finish. Remember that resin particles are hazardous and you should always complete these tasks using water to keep the dust down and wear a cheap doctor’s mask to keep the particulates out of your lungs. The pour lugs were removed using the medium blade on my JLC razor saw and sanded smooth with my trusty KISS Ultra nail shiner. This is basically a sanding stick with four grits all on the same stick. These sticks are just great for easy work such as this.

Painting was done with a rattle can of Testors Model Master Desert Sand, Olive Drab and Brush Flat black. While Olive Drab is not suitable for the Early model wheels, I figured as this was a review sample, it would be OK. The wheels were gloss coated with future and given a wash of Mig Dark. They were then cleaned up and flatted. Super simple and an easy add on to make your T-34 stand out in a crowd.

I would like to thank Resin Improvement for releasing and providing these sets for review. These are simple additions to a base kit and if you purchase more sets, the options for conversions is endless. Pick up a set or two or more of these great wheels.


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