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To start my review, I want to thank Phil Peterson for his efforts at the IPMS Nationals in reaching out to vendors for products for the IPMS Review Corps. As a result of his work this year, I can review for you the ScaleFinish SUPERgloss clear coat, which I had great results with, and would highly recommend. Spraying the product at 20 psi using my airbrush, I had no issues getting the results I wanted.

Packaged in a plastic 2-ounce bottle, SUPERgloss only has the following instructions on the label, “pre-thinned” and “Shake well before use. Spray at 20-30 psi.” The product is an acrylic enamel, so it does have a mild aroma when used, but nothing too bad.

I applied two coats of SUPERgloss to make dead flat paint glossy enough for decal application, and then sprayed an additional coat to seal the decals. As recommended, I applied medium coats at 20 psig without issue. While 24 hours is recommended for safe handling, I found it to be reasonably dry, and not showing fingerprints after a few hours (sometimes modelers are not that patient).

I used the product for another recent review on two Platz 1/144 scale F6F-5K drone aircraft and successfully used the SUPERgloss over K4 and Master Model Acryl acrylic paints as well as Tru Color solvent-based paint. This was my first time using K4 paints, and the Non-Specular Sea Blue dried dead flat, so it needed a gloss coat prior to receiving decals, and I used the SUPERgloss to seal the decals and provide an even glossy finish to both planes. After waiting 24 hours, I had no issues masking over the gloss finish with Tamiya tape and Panzer Putty before airbrushing the anti-glare panels on the planes.

My hits for this product are the ease of use as it is ready to spray out of the bottle, but ScaleFinish does recommend their SUPERreducer if thinning is required. A steel ball is included in the bottle to easily mix the product as at least my sample has a small amount of solids in the bottom of the bottle when left to rest. I used Alclad II Airbrush Cleaner to clean up after spraying the product and had no issues with the needle sticking the next time I picked up my airbrush. I have no misses for this product.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product for adding a gloss finish to your next project. While designed for use as an automotive topcoat, it works well for any project that will end up with a glossy finish.

I would like to thank the folks at ScaleFinish for being gracious enough to provide this product to the IPMS-USA for review! Again, thanks to Phil Peterson for working with vendors to obtain items for the Review Corps to review. Finally, my sincere appreciation to all who take the time to read this.


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