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Eduard continues to expand its series pre-painted seatbelts in the “steel” series. I think that Eduard Models call this product line “Steelbelts”.

When working with this new line of seatbelts (steelbelts) the main thing that jumps is how thin they are. Reading in the Info Eduard (June 2016 issue) they say they are 0.04 mm thick. I should probably say they are 0.04 mm thin. They are pre-painted and also have some shading (weathering) on them.

You apply them like any other metal aftermarket piece, using a dab of superglue. That is all that takes to use the steel seatbelts. About 1 minute per seat and it is very easy to do (if you have experience with small parts).


  • They are very flexible and easy to pose in any position you would like.
  • They are pre-painted and have nice stitching detail on them.
  • You can bend and re-bend them a few times and they will keep their last shape.


  • None was found

In this review I used a seat from a Kinetic Super Etendard (the item is designed for the Kitty Hawk model, I misread the directions until after I have actually used them in the seat). As you can see, different kits were used and still the seatbelt fitted the seat looking in scale.


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