Super Etendard Refueling Probe

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Kinetic Super Etendard kit number 48061
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Resin Parts

The Aires Hobby Models website lists not only the Aires product line of resin replacement accessories but also Quickboost, Wheelliant, and Aerobonus. I have used products from all four lines and have never been disappointed. Collectively the product lines offer a broad choice of replacement parts for aircraft models in several scales.

I plan to use this set on the Kinetic Super Etendard Kit Number K48061.

The resin parts come in a sealed clear package with a small "instruction" sheet enclosed therein. The instructions are limited to a profile of the parts with the portions of the resin to be removed shaded grey. The parts are surrounded on two sides by resin "legs" to protect the parts.

I used a new, sharp hobby knife blade to score the resin for removal of the three parts from the casting block. I was concerned about the pipe portion of the probe being too delicate for removal but was happy to have the part remain intact. OK, the parts are now removed from the casting block, now what? Since the Quickboost instructions do not indicate how the parts fit together I referred to the Kinetic instructions for direction. Like the resin replacement, the kit also involves three parts, but the assembly and fit are quite vague and confusing. With the proven method of trial and error, I was able to fit the kit parts together in what appeared to be the correct configuration. I transferred that learning process to the resin parts and was rewarded with a similar fit.

For the purposes of review and comparison, I used white glue to hold the parts together for both the kit and resin parts. Once the glue had dried I test fitted each subassembly with the top of the fuselage nose section. Both fit just fine. The resin parts do have a bit more interior detail than the kit parts, and therefore the call for an advantage to the resin is a close one. For the final build, slow drying super glue should be used to hold the resin parts together. Some care will be required to properly align the probe and pipe portion to the door section.

Assembly for either the plastic or resin parts presents a challenge, but the final success is a bit of a reward. Because the assembly is delicate I would recommend installing it as the last step in the overall build of this model.


The resin replacement parts are well detailed and will not disappoint the most discerning builder. These parts will be a compliment to the finished model. I highly recommend this set for anyone wanting the build the Kinetic Super Etendard

My thanks and appreciation go out to Aires Hobby Models and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this product. Aires Hobby Models continues to provide fine accessories for this hobby.


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