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Scale Aircraft Conversions has released replacement gear for the Zvezda 1/48 Sukhoi Su-2. The supplied items include two main gear legs, four main gear retraction struts, and one tail gear / wheel. (Photos 140916_1002, 140916_1005, 140917_1015)

This replacement set will provide stronger landing gear that won’t sag over time, and is somewhat adjustable if necessary to obtain proper alignment. Even with zero previous experience in using white metal parts, this set will provide an upgrade that most modelers will have no problem installing. Scale Aircraft Conversions does not use lead in their white metal mix, so the builder does not have to be concerned with that perceived hazard.

There are no supplied instructions; you simply swap out the kit provided plastic parts with the new white metal items

A side by side evaluation shows the Scale Aircraft Conversions replacement parts are identical with the kit parts (Photo 140917_1020). The fit of the main gear leg in the main gear well is good for both the Zvezda (Grey) part and the SAC (Silver) part (Photos 140917_1016, 140917_1017). Both the Zvezda and the SAC main gear legs match up well to the main gear door (Photos 140917_1018, 140917_19).

Be very careful separating the main gear retraction struts from the frame as there is no transition from the base of the long retraction struts from the frame.

Zvezda provides two tail wheels in their kit; one is extended for landing and one is retracted for flight. The Scale Aircraft Conversions tail wheel is only for the extended tail wheel. The fit is excellent for both the Zvezda and the Scale Aircraft Conversions tail wheel into the rear fuselage tail well (Photos 140917_1021, 140917_1022)

Before painting, you may wish to remove and polish the faint seam lines. You can easily depict the bare metal portions of the strut by masking those areas to remain in bare metal. Although most paints will adhere to white metal alone, I would recommend that you prime the parts first. The landing gear will need to be installed with your favorite CA (super glue) or epoxy, as the normal plastic glues or solvents will not react with the white metal.

The SAC pieces fit quite well, and will keep your landing gear from sagging over time.

My thanks to Ross MacMillan, Scale Aircraft Conversions, and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great set of replacement landing gear.

Highly recommended!


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