Su-34 Fullback Landing Gear

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This set is designed to fit Trumpeter’s new Su-34 kit. The set consists of 9 parts, a nose gear with a separate lower axle, two main gear legs, two part scissors links for each main gear, and retraction struts for each leg. The castings are nicely done and require just a little clean up on the casting seams. I cleaned the seams up using a Xacto knife and sandpaper. I then used a brass wire wheel in my battery operated Dremel tool at slow speed to polish up the struts and finish smoothing out the casting seams.

In order to assemble the nose strut I had to drill out the end of the axle part as it was partially filled in during the casting process. Before assembling the two parts, double check their orientation with the kit instructions to ensure they are correctly oriented.

One nice feature is that the main gear struts are one piece instead of two like they are in the kit. SAC has included the lower end of the struts (parts C5 and C6) as part of each main strut. This makes assembly much easier. SAC has also cast parts C7 and C8 as part of the respective main struts, but I had to straighten them out on my set as they were a little bent. I left the main gear scissor links off to be assembled after painting in order to make it easier to paint the oleo sections on the struts. The set includes retraction struts for each gear, but take care removing them from the casting frame as they are easily bent.

In order to ensure a good fit of the main gear legs, I test fit them in the molded holes in the underside of the bottom wing. As expected, the cast pins did not fit in the holes, so I had to file and sand the pins slightly in order to get them to fit. I recommend doing this before the upper and lower fuselage halves are glued together as I had to exert a fair amount of pressure to get the pins to fit and if I had done this after assembly I probably would have cracked a seam or two.

Painting the struts is pretty easy as they are overall light grey with silver oleos. I painted everything light gull grey and used an old bottle of Testors Chrome Silver for the oleos. Check your references as in some photos the upper section of the main gear scissor links appear to be either unpainted or a dark grey/black color.

The set paints up really well and even though a little clean-up is needed, it adds a nice touch of detail to Trumpeter’s Su-34 kit.

Recommended. Thank you to Scale Aircraft Conversions and IPMS-USA for the review sample.


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