SU-27 Landing Gear for Hobbyboss Kit

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September 19, 2017
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Hobbyboss SU-27 Flanker 2

SAC once again provides a very nice set of cast metal gear to help your model stand out in public places.

This set is the usual SAC total replacement of the kit items, with improved assembly and ease of installation.

The other benefit I n this case is the axle assemblies are metal verses plastic. No broken off axles after a hard landing (just bend the gear back into place). The debris deflector is strong and in two halves and cleans up well after assembly. I only installed ½ of the deflector on the photographs as the kit is still in the construction phase, and this review is more about the gear and how it works…

Consisting of eight cleanly-cast metal parts replacing the eight structural parts for the kit, the SAC gear just require a bit of inspection, a swipe or two with a sanding stick to clean up any mold parting marks, and painting. Use metal primer first (I like Tamiya’s gray spray primer from a rattle can), you can finish paint with whatever color you like to match the model, then install with superglue gel, thick, or epoxy. Finished!

Hobbyboss improves with every step… Finished pictures speak for themselves. This kit went together much better than the other 1/48 Flanker out there, and I look forward to their next kit.

Thanks again to SAC and IPMS for the opportunity to review these great upgrades!


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