Su-24M Syrian Warriors Pt. 2

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December 16, 2018
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AMD 172022-1
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The Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer" has been in service for the Russian air forces for over 40 years. It is a rugged, variable wing sweep bomber that is easy to fly and well liked by the two man crew. Several kits have been produced of this aircraft and recently, the Advanced Modeling Company, a supplier of great resin parts, has released some decal sets that depict the Fencer in modern markings.

In accordance with the agreement between Russia and Syria, a group of Russian aircraft were sent to the Khmeimim Air Base in Syria, September 2015 to fly in support of the Syrian ground forces. During actual operations, the national insignias and registration numbers were overpainted. This could not be easily removed so areas of lighter gray can be seen behind the restored insignias and numbers on certain aircraft. This sheet contains seven different markings for Su-24s that have been operated out of the Khmeimim Air Base.

This decal package contains an Information Sheet, a decal sheet, and a set of paint masks. The Information Sheet is in both Russian and English. The English translation is easy to understand and is very informative. and not at all difficult to understand. For all these markings, a color profile and a color photograph of the subject airplane is included. This allows the modeler to figure out the placement of these decals. No plan view drawing is provided but the gray and white scheme is the standard one for the Su-24. Kit decals are required for the various warning markings on the airplane.

Currently, these decal sheets are available from Victory Models in the US and Victory Models is very easy to deal with. The Advanced Modeling web site is only in Russian at this time.

Featured Aircraft

  • Su-24M, White 76, RF-93812 of the Air Force Group of Russian Aerospace Forces stationed at Khmeimim Air Base, November 2015. This aircraft sported marks for 100 combat missions.
  • Su-24M, White 11, RF-95064 stationed at Khmeimim Air Base in June 2017. The airplane wore marks of 800 combat missions.
  • Su-24M, White 22, RF-90983 stationed at Khmeimim Air Base in June 2017. The airplane wore marks of 300 combat missions.
  • Su-24M, White 74, RF-93808 stationed at Khmeimim Air Base in November 2015. This aircraft sported 80 mission marks plus a white anchor painted on the fin. This may have been a joke from another crew.
  • Su-24M, White 40, RF-93807 stationed at Khmeimim Air Base in July 2017. The airplane wore marks of 620 combat missions. Some of the early mission marks have faded to almost white.
  • Su-24M, White 71, RF-93809 stationed at Khmeimim Air Base 2017. This aircraft carried markings for 60 combat missions.
  • Su-24M, White 29, RF-95076, stationed at Shagol Air Base in 2017. While in Syria, this airplane was completed 50 combat missions.

The Decals

These decals are well printed and easy to use. In all cases, the main white ID numbers are accurate replication of the originals. The 6 in 76 is different on each side of the nose. This is accurately reflected. For "white 22", the numbers feature a fine red surround to the number. All national insignia feature a tri-color national insignia with thin red, white, and green lines around the red star.


I received four sets of these decals to review. I built an Su-24 to test and to display one set of the decals from the "Syrian Warriors Pt. 1" sheet. I have finished the model and am very pleased with the decals. They lay down smooth and follow the surface. They can be moved around readily but are very thin. The decals are strong enough to withstand some significant "handling" but thin enough to allow molded detail to be seen.

The paint mask provided is the same as provided with "Syrian Warriors Pt. 1". Aircraft 76 and 71 seem to feature a faded area around national insignia and the registration numbers. The paint masks allow these areas to be painted. The masks also feature several small rectangles. I have no idea where these would be used. Also, there seems to be a mask for the anchor marking on "White 22" although a decal is provided for this.


This decal set is highly recommended for a few reasons. The Information sheet is thorough in its coverage of the aircraft which "wore" the markings on the sheet. The illustrations are clear and will be of great assistance when getting the placement of the decals correct. The price is reasonable. Thanks to Advanced Decals for making this decal sheet available and to IPMS for letting me review this interesting sheet.


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