Su-24M (Fencer D) Pitot Tube

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Once again our friend Piotr keeps cranking these things out… THANKS VERY MUCH for sending IPMS USA another of your growing line of turned metal Pitot tubes, and thanks also to IPMS USA leadership for sending it on to me to review….

This is, again, a world-class improvement and upgrade to the kit plastic. Actually, it’s a step beyond, as included is what appears to be a 3-D printed part with all the vanes (which cause us old guys to have apoplectic fits) molded on one tube! FANTASTIC!.

The Master data probe consists of two metal parts and one resin part with all 8 vanes attached to it and protected in a foam cutout box. These three simple items directly replace the kit pitot probe and air data vane assembly. This is an easy addition to improve the longevity of your kits’ appearance.

It hit me, as I researched this kit, that the stock number is “123”, the old “Easy as 1,2,3”… which is how the parts assemble. The forward tube assembly slides into (and through) the air data vane assembly, and has sufficient length to insert into the mounting tube and nose piece for the front of the radome. Use a SMALL amount of CA, and make sure it all is lined up before you try to push the whole thing together. Otherwise, the shaft will “lock” inside the air data vane assembly and you will be cursing fate. I came close. Again, test fit, apply slow CA, and slide everything together WITHOUT hesitation! Stop halfway and you have a problem.

Drill a 1MM hole in the nose radome, and carefully fit the probe in place. The instructions provide orientation as to which data vanes go where. Pay attention!

Following the instructions, I used CA glue to install the probe on the mostly-finished airframe in about two minutes. It looked great and was very strong; a bit of finish paint, and the result is a durable acoutrament to a “pointy-nose” jet at a critical point on the model… the very tip!

The photos tell the story; the Master probe fits perfectly into place, and I now have peace of mind that the tube will shrug off my attempts to break it.

Master’s metal parts make the difference for many kits like this. Once more earning a “10” rating, thanks again Piotr for addressing this modeling niche and IPMS USA for the forum to review these items.


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