SU-24M Fencer D Air Scoop

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Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Kitset part

Thanks once again to Quickboost for providing IPMS USA review items; they have become quite prolific in output!

As usual, Quickboost provides a fast one-for-one replacement for the kit item, in this case the dorsal intake on the SU-24. A very visible item, the kit intake is a two-part box, and is “OK” out of the box; it uses the fuselage as its lower floor... Quick boost steps up and improves, providing an intake that has a more refined, rounded intake, and an exhaust section with the lower “floor” incorporated, which when carefully removed from the pour stub fits right in place of the kit items; it even has the locating tabs to make it easy.

I’ve heard some people ask “why” on other forums concerning Quickboost parts... In this case, having built the kit before, they just saved me about ½ hour of work filling, shaping, and adding a duct floor to more accurately depict what the real item looks like. That is what QB is all about! Thanks again Quickboost, Aires Hobby Models another great product, and to IPMS/USA for my review sample!


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