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Trumpeter Su-24M Fencer D, #2835
Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
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The Detail Parts:

Quickboost offers a set of four antennas for the Trumpeter Su-24M in 48th scale. The parts are “scaled” appropriately for 48th and that, of course, means the parts are rather small and delicate. Caution must be the rule when removing the parts from the sprue and then, again, when attached to the aircraft.

Upon first glance, one will think that Quickboost has relaxed its consistently high standard of quality. The antennas appear to be covered with flash. But look again and you will see that this is not the case. Quickboost has supported the parts while on the sprue with a thin layer of material that protects the parts and provides additional “contact points” between the parts and the sprue. This extra material is easily removed and causes no difficulty when using the parts.

You will be pleased to see that Quickboost has also molded the parts to include an alignment biscuit or locating pin on the parts that fit into the proper locations on the Trumpeter kit.

What’s Out There?

Trumpeter’s Su-24M Fencer D is item #2835. The model can be found for around $130 to $150 depending on the source. If you are dropping that kind of coin for the kit then an additional $4.50 or so for these outstanding details parts is an “automatic”.


This product is highly recommended for its attention to scale and the quality of the parts. Thanks to Quickboost for the opportunity to review this item.


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