Su-15 "Flagon" Pitot Tubes

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December 7, 2016
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AM 72-105
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Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site

This set provides a set of replacement pitot tubes for the Trumpeter Su-15 kits. The set includes the nose mounted pitot as well as the pitot mounted in the leading edge of the left wing. The set includes 5 brass parts and two resin parts. The brass parts provide the circular tubes of the pitots and the resin parts replicate the fine vanes and protrusions commonly seen on Soviet pitot tubes.

The packaging for the set is really well thought-out as the brass parts are in separate pockets of the plastic envelope from the resin parts and the resin parts are contained in a small foam square that is lined with good sticky tape on the back side to keep the resin parts from floating around, which is good as the resin parts are very delicate.

The set includes parts for outfitting either a Su-15 Flagon A or a Su-15TM Flagon F, providing different middle sections of the nose pitot to do so. The Flagon A has just a single set of 4 vanes near the tip of the pitot, while the Flagon F has additional sets of vanes mounted at the rear of the pitot. The instruction clearly show which brass pieces are used in constructing the two different pitots and include a close-up drawing showing the orientation of the various vanes and spikes.

Assembly is very easy, you will first need to drill a .6mm hole in the tip of the nosecone and attach the base of the nose pitot using superglue. Next the middle section of the pitot is assembled. If you are modeling a Flagon A you will use the piece with a constant diameter, whereas the Flagon F uses the piece with the skinny aft end as this slides through the larger resin piece and then is glued to the base part. The tip of the pitot is then inserted through the smaller resin piece and glued to the middle section. Be careful when doing this and be wary of pushing too hard or catching the tiny vanes on something. I managed to do both of these things and ended up splitting the larger resin piece by pushing the middle section together too hard. I snapped off two of the vanes on the smaller resin part, so it is off to see if I can find some very thin sheet styrene, or more likely, order a new set.

The wing mounted pitot is easy to install – just cut off the molded-on kit part, drill a .6mm hole where it was attached and insert the replacement pitot.

Master Model’s craftsmanship on this set is outstanding. The vanes and other things sticking out of the nose pitot are exquisitely molded and are a vast improvement over the kit part. Highly recommended for anyone less clumsy than me. Please check out Master Model’s website for photos of the unbroken front resin piece!

Thank you to Master Model for the review sample and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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