Sturmgestutz - ABT-226 On the Battlefield World War Two Photobook Series

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Tom Cockle
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Hard Cover, 138 Pages, 2 profiles, Hungarian / English
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Company: Peko Publishing - Website: Visit Site
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The Book “Sturmgestutz- ABT-226 On the Battlefield World War Two Photobook Series” is a book published by Peko Publishing. The book is written by Ton Cockle and is in both Hungarian and English. The Book is 132 pages and takes you on a photographic journey in World War II with the German Army Sturmgeshutz unit ABT-226. The book is Hard Cover and is in Horizontal format. Much like the Squadron in Action books. The Book has a photograph and caption describing the photograph on almost every page.

What I really liked was the descriptions of the photos include interesting tidbits or point out unusual things that were added in the field to the vehicle. It also has a wealth of photographs of not only the Strumgeshutz (Stug) but the other support vehicles used as well including a Famo, Horsch, Sd.Kfz. 232 Ammo Carrier and other vehicles. Some of the photographs of the Stug in extreme weather conditions pictured in the book would make great Dioramas. I highly recommend this book and enjoyed it so much I plan on purchasing more of these books from Peko Publishing.

There are 23 currently pictured in the back of the book. This book should prove very useful for anyone whether a seasoned modeler or novice that is going to be or currently modeling German Stugs.


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