Sturmgeschutz, Vol. 1, Legends of Warfare

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David Doyle
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Hard Cover, 9”x9”, 137 b/w photos, 128pp
Company: David Doyle Books - Website: Visit Site
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David Doyle is a well-known author of over 100 books published since 2003, covering a wide range of military subjects. Adding aircraft and warship subjects to his already lengthy list of published books covering military vehicles, Doyle’s portfolio of publications continues to expand rapidly, while maintaining the highest degree of quality, accuracy, and depth of coverage.

Sturmgeschutz, Vol.1, is the first of two publications covering the StuG. This review covered only Vol.1 but both publications are currently available on the website. Doyle presents the evolution of the StuG, from its inception as a self-propelled infantry support vehicle to its ultimate role as an anti-tank vehicle. The military historian will find this publication to be an excellent source for data regarding the StuG from the Ausf.A through the F/8 variant, with the remaining variants being covered in Vol. 2. The Table of Contents (below) shows that the publication is organized in seven chapters, each chapter dedicated to a specific variant. The 137 B&W images in this publication provide a tremendous reference source for the modeler, the images being accompanied with text, rich in detail. Each chapter includes data tables and charts which provide data about the variant regarding the technical specifications and performance data for that variant.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - The Sturmgeschutz is introduced
  • Chapter 2 - Sturmgeschutz Ausf.A
  • Chapter 3 - Sturmgeschutz Ausf.B
  • Chapter 4 - Sturmgeschutz Ausf.C/D
  • Chapter 5 - Sturmgeschutz Ausf.E
  • Chapter 6 - Sturmgeschutz Ausf.F/F8
  • Chapter 7 - Sturmhaubitze Based on StuG Ausf.E

This publication is highly recommended because of the breadth and depth of photographic coverage, accompanying text, and reliance upon archived historical data and images. Thanks to for providing this publication for review by IPMS/USA.


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