Sturmgeschutz III: Variants, Modifications, Technical Drawings, Volume 2

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Peter Muller and Wolfgang Zimmermann
Company: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site
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As the title states, this is Volume 2 of History Facts’ two part history of the Sturmgestchutz III. Volume One, according to the publisher’s web site, covers the history of the vehicle in both written text and photographs/drawings, the bulk of the pages devoted though to written text. This volume has already been reviewed here on the IPMS/USA web site. Volume Two, the subject of this review, “provides the means with which to precisely identify specific vehicles”, and is almost exclusively photographs and line drawings.

The concept behind this volume is very sound. It takes the Sturmgesschutz III, and covers each variant (Ausf. A through Ausf. G) with detailed line drawings in 1/35th scale: front, rear, side, aerial. Included with the line drawings are written details covering which firm manufactured the variant, dates of production, and specific characteristics of the particular variant. This written description and line drawings are supplemented with period black and white photographs.

A second section covers vehicle characteristics, broken down thus:

  • Hull Nose Characteristics (Bow armoring; Inspection hatch details etc);
  • Superstructure Characteristics (Driver’s visors, hatch details, cupola details, antenna mounts etc);
  • Rear Hull Characteristics (starter crank, engine air outlet, exhaust muffler etc);
  • Running Gear Characteristics (drive sprocket, road wheels, return rollers, idler wheel, shock absorbers, tracks etc);
  • Main Armament; Tool and Accessory Characteristics (horn, axe, spade, fire extinguisher, etc);
  • Track Guard Characteristics (front and rear mud flaps, tail lights etc).

Each characteristic is covered via photographs, and written text. The particular Ausfuhrung (Variant) with this given characteristic is listed, which manufacturer produced such vehicles, and during which time periods.

I don’t know what more a modeler would want!

If you are a fan of the Stug III, then this book, together with its companion, is for you. My thanks to Casemate Publishing for providing IPMS/USA with the opportunity to review this excellent book.


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