StuG Stowage Set #10

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November 2, 2021
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StuG Stowage Set #10
Base Kit
Any Stug in 1/35th Scale
Company: Value Gear - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Value Gear - Website: Visit Site
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Value Gear resin stowage products have long been go-to resin additions to modelers looking to detail their builds in nearly any scale. Spanning stowage from WWII through more modern and even sci-fi settings, these pieces really pop with detail and add immensely to the scenes they’re placed in. In this case, we are looking at set #10-- stowage for your StuG in 1/35 scale. While many of the sets are geared towards certain manufacturers’ kits, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t place them nearly anywhere, as you’ll see below.

The set comes with 20 different pieces, and looking at the listing on the website, these are a variety of the smaller bits from sets 1-9. While there isn’t a larger block here representing a pile of stowage for the engine deck, one could easily add these piecemeal to a kit or homemade rack and add one’s own tarp covering with no issues at all. Just as easily, they could be placed in a diorama scene- maybe a tank park where tanks are getting refit or even where Americans have conquered and are coming in to survey and loot gear...really the only limit is your own creativity.

Cleanup was minimal, and restricted mainly to just a bit of flash on the bottom side that was swiftly shaved off. I used some Krylon black primer to prepare some of the pieces for painting. Details really pop out when painted. I used these select pieces on the new Academy Panzer II I am building and found them to be quite acceptable stowage pieces. A bit of some metallic powders give the right sheen to the stick grenades and jerry cans.


Steve from Value Gear has put out another excellent set of German stowage pieces for the modeler here. The interchangeability of the pieces means that truly no two models are really alike...and they really add to the overall look of the kit. Steve’s booth is always a popular place to visit at the shows, and we can easily see why. I will be visiting the website soon as I see he has sets already for the das Werks StuG in 1/16 that I will hopefully be getting in the mail soon. My thanks to Steve from Value Gear and IPMS-USA for this review sample.


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