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Hauler continues it releases of wonderful diorama and vignette pieces with set 35105 which includes all the parts needed to make two lockers. Not foot lockers, think lockers like gyms and high school. The set comes as a single photoetch sheet consisting of twelve parts in brass.

Construction takes good folds so I grabbed my Hold and Fold and set out to build it up. The first set of folds is to the four outer walls and top. These fold to make the body of the lockers. I glued the seam tight and moved on to the next step. You fold a front lip to the top divider. This is added to the vertical divider and this slid into the locker frame from the bottom. I used a Glue Looper and thin CA to secure. The bottom was added and same way and secured.

The largest problem I had in the build were the two locker doors. They are very thin and have lovers on the top and bottom To this, you add a our ring of backing and for the life of me, they kept bending when adding the backs. I managed to get them fairly straight through working with smooth pliers and weight. I added the claps to the doors and lockers.

I primed the entire thing with Alclad and fixed several areas of concern. After that was resolved (or so I thought), I painted the lockers gray/tan mixture to resemble those in a high school. I took several passes to make sure the interior was also coated and then applied a flat coat.

This is a great add to the diorama offerings out currently and could enhance anything from schools to work lockers to a maintenance shop and fill it with pin up girls and tools. I would recommend it to people comfortable with photoetch and bending as the bends are critical.

My thanks to Hauler and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to build this great accessory.


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