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Well now, AMT finally gets the 'Star Wars Revenge of the Sith©' models to the store shelves just in time for Christmas and after the movie is on DVD for your reference. So what go you get with this new release? You get 56 parts nicely molded in light gray plastic, 2 clear parts, 2 metal bars, decals and instructions. The parts are bagged and the clear parts are double bagged in bubble wrap.

What you don't get is any painting or decal placement information in the instructions, even though the instructions do list 11 different paint color call outs. The other thing that you don't get is any information on this kit, for example, in two different places (one for the cockpit and the other for the moveable wing panels) you are given optional part selection without any information about which Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter had which options, so you had better take good notes when you are watching the movie.

The kit does not list a scale but based on the published size of the 'real' item of 5.47m this kit is about 1/32 in scale. Comparing it to the other plastic model of the Jedi Starfighter, this kit is smaller and there are some differences in profile and panel lines. Which is right, well we would need to ask George Lucas.

This kit does come with a display stand, but no pilot figure. The clear parts are well molded and will require masking to paint the canopy frame and the frame around the front view ports. The RC2 website talks about a movie poster being included, but my kit did not include one.

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