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Thank you to Squadron Products for providing a new modeling product for field testing. Thank you to the IPMS Reviewer Corps for giving me the opportunity to run the tests. The product performed very well, and I was pleasantly surprised by the glue bottle design.

Squadron has recently added to the new products lines with a set of cyanoacrylate adhesives. I tested a bundled set of three 0.705 fluid ounce bottles in extra-thin, medium, and extra-thick viscosities. I did not play with chemistry, tensile-strength, shear strength and all of that sort of stuff, largely because cyanaoacrylate is a pretty proven product. I stuck with performance-based opinions in my tests.

All three products are colorless and low-odor. The extra-thin solution flowed exceptionally well into seams from both loop-style applicators and fork-style applicators. The medium and extra-thick solutions beaded up nicely on test sheets of plastic, and both stayed fluid long enough to be nudged and prodded into position when applied to part joints or as a filler. I found the biggest difference between medium and extra-thick to be gap size filling. Not surprisingly, the extra-thick solution filled a larger gap. Both of the thicker solutions responded very well to hardening accelerator. Overall, all three adhesives worked very well.

A very important plus to the Squadron superglue products is the slightly-flexible bottle and cap. The screw-on style cap tightly closes an easily-cleaned nozzle applicator tip that is more robust than a simple tapered tip. Extender caps and tubing easily attached to the Squadron tips. I never had a problem with a clogged tip. The tips did not have much of a tendency to retain glue, with excess readily draining back into the bottle. The bottles are just flexible enough to easily get the medium and extra-thick glues out. The set has total of 2.1 fluid ounces, which is about $8.50/oz, which compares very favorably to other brands.

I highly recommend this glue set, not just for the usual superglue character, but the low odor, and reliable no-headache containers.

Thank you again to Squadron Products for this review set, and thank you to the IPMS Reviewer Corps.


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